The aim of the art project is the investigation of particular time and space with an analysis of gameplay strategies. The territory of the ensemble of Vilnius Academy of Arts and St. Bernardine Church and Monastery in Vilnius: the history of two different institutions, relatively similar objectives, sacramental and spiritual worlds, the phenomenology of faith and creation, feeling of eternity and transiency in a chosen period are target points for Vygandas' expanded project. The buildings' complex separated by Soviet judgments came together in a unit of V.D.A. project within similarity tactics of body and building. Audiovisual installation with predominant circulation strategies and documentary prospects of chosen time and space are significant aspects of the expression of the artwork.

Documentary images are a common method to measure and reflect on the monumental scale of change occurring in contemporary society. These images are also highly aestheticised, making beauty even of images of the most desolate slum or industrialised landscape. As a crossover point between art and journalism, the documentary image also allows us to question the veracity of world events from multiple viewpoints, often offering multiple uncomfortable realities instead of a single, easily-digestible worldview. In an era of massive data onslaught that individuals struggle to cope with, the documentary image continues to offer us a human face on information, sometimes elegantly summarising a complex situation.

Three-channel video installation, artistic film, photography series and released limited-edition art DVD is the result of several years’ artistic research.

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