The series of Correct Vice photographs, part of Intro project (not part of this portfolio though), 2007.

Photographic project elaborates on quality of image in relation to the content: the worst and the high, the low and the best. The context is very important: the particular documented scenes have been produced at the INTRO art centre's (Vilnius, Lithuania) music-club premises. The photographs represent the vitality of the site in its most natural way, captured with low resolution cameras, accidental and broken compositions and the exciting moments in the present reality.

Local authorities have possessed just simplified positions about the art centre's activities - and strictly without any commentaries on cultural achievements. The project raises a statement: Let's give them back what they wanted and in their own manner! In the project, their corrupted policies and logics, simplistic and ignorant behaviours are compared with unintellectual qualities of hardly understandable Google Translate texts, blurry snapshots, low-quality images, etc.

Postcards with Correct Vice (Lith. trans. - Graži nuodėmė) photographs and text - Emigrate and start loving your Motherland again (Lith. trans. - Emigruok ir pamilk Tėvynę iš naujo) - written on the inner side of the postcards, are sent to the major Lithuanian Establishment. However, according to the Constitution, such a campaign to agitate and propagate people to emigrate from the country is illegal, as well as prosecuted, in Lithuania.

Additionally, the Google "poetically" translated narratives, taken from the personal blog "F* Your God, Not a Dog", about the corrupted situation in Lithuania were spammed to Lithuanian and European institutional authorities as part of the spam-art project "How to take care". The title of this part is oxymoron, revealing a paradox in the project and juxtaposing the concepts of "taking care" and "giving care". As a recommendation, it is broadly confusing to bureaucrats, should they take care of themselves or of others, or both?