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Nida OFF 2022, photography symposium exhibition, 2022 09, Nida, Lithuania;

Solo exhibition "Panorama Time" at Prospect gallery, Vilnius, Lithuania, 2022 04 20 - 05 20;

Réseaux-Mondes, Worlds of Networks exhibition, Centre Pompidou Paris, 23 Feb - 25 Apr 2022, Paris, France;

Art Value NFT drops, 2022. More:

Personal exhibition "Digit" at KKKC Klaipeda City Art Exhibition Hall, 08 10 - 04 11 2021, Klaipeda, Lithuania;

Unpredictable futures. International Art Triennial, Moletai space observatory, Moletai Art Museum, 2021 07 04 - 10 04, Moletai, Lithuania;

ICT meets the Arts, The Role Of Art In Societies Of Control, Baltan Laboratories, Eindhoven, The Netherlands;

ArtTech Forum, ArtTech Foundation, Innovation Park, Lausanne, Switzerland;

Art Vilnius contemporary art fair 2020, Exhibition Centre LITEXPO, Vilnius, Lithuania;

Economia - The Limited Edition, Baltan Laboratories conference and exhibition, Eindhoven, The Netherlands;

Supernova, We Can Be Heroes group exhibition, Klaipeda City Exhibition Hall, 04 09 - 04 10 2020, Klaipeda, Lithuania;

Online exhibition the Christmas sales Exhibition RESTITUTIO both on eBay and Facebook Marketplace;


 - Art_Value: Auction performance
 and solo exhibition of new works, 
SLA Art Space, Chelsea, New York City, NY 10001, USA;

Strata at NewLab, Brooklyn, New York, USA;

Performance and exhibition at Post gallery event "Art_Value: Network", Kaunas, Lithuania;

The 4th Open Fields conference on Artistic Research, Science and Technologies and 
 RIXC Art Science Festival 2019, Un/Green: Naturally Artificial Intelligence, National Museum of Art of Latvia, July 4-7, 2019, Riga, Latvia;

Performance and artist talk "Art_Value: Network" event at Tallinn district gallery, Riga, Latvia;

Performance and artist talk at Kogo gallery, Widget factory Aparaaditehas district, Tartu, Estonia;

Online exhibition, art sales and auction experience on Art_Value Ebay - Art_Value: Restitutio. You are welcome to acquire conceptual art directly from the artist and complement your art collection with the art series "Restitutio Ad Integrum";

Pa¥ Attention, Sp€nd Time, Inve$t Thought, at Svarta Havet, Konstfack, University of Arts, Crafts and Design, 2019 05 16, Stockholm, Sweden;

A Table Sorted by Price, book publication in regard to research on publicness in relation to the public art collection;

Migration: Traces in an Art Collection, Tensta Konsthall, 2019 05 14 vernissage at 18:00, Tensta, Sweden;

Revisiting the Home, Geomedia 2019, 7-10 May 2019, Karlstad, Sweden;

"The eBay Restitutio" exhibition and sales start now! Get your artwork from the series "Restitutio Ad Integrum" on The personal receipt data is shared with you. LINK

Non-devised Matters, screening of digitalized premier Lithuanian video art collection at Contemporary Art Centre, Vilnius, Lithuania.

FILE 2018 - Electronic Language International Festival, SESI Gallery / FIESP Ruth Cardoso Cultural Center, São Paulo, Brazil.

Reactivated annual project "Art_Value: 2% Support" for Lithuanian citizens to donate their 2% of taxes and support artist and art production - (Meno Verte means Art Value).

Enter'16 media art festival InterActions, Šiauliai City Art Gallery, Lithuania.

Solo exhibition "Interpretative Digitality" at R1-Reactor Hall, Stockholm, Sweden.

PhD thesis defence "Humanizing Technology through Post-digital Art", KTH-Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden.

"Beyond Convergence" exhibition at Kulturhuset / House of Culture Stockholm, Stockholm, Sweden.


Artworks: auction experience auction experience auction experience: auction experience number generator prototype platform marketplace online gallery of #s 

Art Value digital Number blender 

Art Value coin - ARTS 

3D render artwork, NFT Art mobile app interface 

IKEA | Barkarby, Sweden
2590,00 SEK | 2018-04-17: IKEA | Barkarby, Sweden

get it on eBay
restitutio ad integrum: get it on eBay

restitutio ad integrum 

Restitutio Ad Integrum 



Art Value: Frame Receipts 

Art Value: Frame Receipts  

Art Value: Frame Receipts  

@ Art Vilnius art fair 2020 


gold leaf on board.
1 Million: gold leaf on board.

large painting on canvas
Art Value: 22345,67: large painting on canvas

art process, golden spray on canvas
Art Value: 12345,67. large painting: art process, golden spray on canvas

Aquarelle painting 

After On Kawara 

after On Kawara  

acrylic paintings
After On Kawara: acrylic paintings

ArtVilnius art fair 

Art Value at MANIFESTA 

performance of Art Value: Auction 

performance Art Value: Auction 

Art Value installation at KKKC 

"Valuation" solo exhibition 

solo exhibition at R1
Interpretative Digitality: solo exhibition at R1

solo exhibition by Das Vegas
Frozen Fraction: Data Economy: solo exhibition by Das Vegas

Frozen Fraction: Data Economy 

Data Economy
Interpretative Digitality: Data Economy

 NFT art / 2017
Digital On Kawara: NFT art / 2017

LED display
Art_Value Stock Exchange: LED display

film / Art Value: 14,47
Art Value App - distributed website:
Unique online auction experience :
Art Value App event calendar page:

Art Value mobile application
ART VALUE APP - Art Value mobile application

book "A Table Sorted by Price" 

Art Value: 2% Support 

Art Value: 191802,16. Neon lights 

Art Value: π (Pi) 3.141,59 


tunnel vision 

nuclear floor ≈ ceiling
power plant: nuclear floor ≈ ceiling


Sao Paulo, Brazil
STRATA @ FILE LED SHOW 2016: Sao Paulo, Brazil

strata / sampling rate pattern 





panorama time / traces of 

panorama time / trainspotting 

panorama time / brothers 

panorama time / concept cars 

panorama time 

panorama time 

panorama time / khalifa city 

panorama time / a shortened boat  

digital Metaphone 

digital Metaphone 

metaphone / ISEA, 2m x 2m 








art talks / Jönköpings Art Museum 

being background / National Museum 

being background 

v.d.a. / ecology urbanitas  

father's footsteps / VideoBrasil 

father's footsteps film 

father's footsteps film 

super comma stickers 

SuperComma sticker placed by user 


super comma  

various styles Super Comma stickers 

propaganda / kulturhuset