Being Background. Iconic art institutional plain and plane environment do not appeal to creativity but invite for an official recognition compromising between academic and market segments. In our days enforcement and formal organizations collapse, a white cube phenomenon mingled with a black box, walls of museums vanished, boundaries between different art media disappeared, archives went online, and even photographing in museum became a norm, perhaps touching of an exhibit is already allowed, and even stealing of masterpiece is welcomed – just for a reason to promote a museum, etc. Institutions got stuck in their own policy to preserve structures and mechanisms, fake names and kitschy works from meta-creative pollution. Belonging to an institutional discourse in a way means the disappearance of your private and personal data beyond any comparison. White camouflage comes into consideration for being invisible in the institutional milieu and artist’s withdrawal for researching and recognizing institutional periphery with many stark situations.

Disappearance into a white background was successfully realised at the interventional performance for artists’ community at Ice Hotel in Kiruna, Sweden. Art residency, located several hundred kilometres behind the Arctic Circle, and local Lapland surroundings were covered with a complete white. Firstly, video documentation of the performance and photography series were produced in a residential period as well as interventions in public space. Secondly, hacking white cube spaces of major art organizations became a great adventure deconstructing institutional phenomenon.

Interventions in Moderna Museet, National Museum, Magasin3, Liljevalchs and Fotografiska Museum in Stockholm, Sweden.

Hacking institutions by exhibiting artworks and collecting their great names for representative Curriculum Vitae is one of the institutionalized artists' activities. Being Background interventions in the major art institutions cover phenomenon of presenting artistic practice by presenting a list of great art institutions. Branding your artistic CV with corporate institutionalism is equal to consumer audience of the museum with any knowledge of its program.

Photography series, film, performances, documentation of performative intervention.