Artist: Das Vegas
Solo exhibition

The solo exhibition project "Digit" examines the points of confluence between a person and machine. The exposition covers various numerical interpretations: from visual art to economics, computers and machines, and representations of work created by author in numbers.

In the exhibition the digits manifest in various forms - through numerical abstraction and visual art or computation algorithms, which help visitors to create or evaluate works of art. The exhibition presents three projects: “Art Value” is revealed through the content of the works, which is basically created from the price of the same work. The Stratic, dynamically synchronizes sound and image in the visual narrative. The Metaphone project is an interactive process based on computational models that allows the machine to create artworks from visitors’ data.

The highlighted digit figures in the exhibition question key constituents of the world, that creatively processed by artist Das Vegas, get conveyed through multi-layered numerical implications. Visitors are invited to experience the immersion of the modern world in digits and the digital, computing and data, art values and prices of artworks.


Annotations on 3 projects at the "Digit" exhibition: Art Value, Stratic, and Metaphone.

Project "Art Value". The artist examines the value of art, digital ownership, and art economy. The project unfolds through the content of artwork, which is essentially created from the price of the same piece. If you wish to buy such a work, you have to pay its price, and that price is written in the artwork itself. Art Value is a manifold project, consisting of paintings, performances, films and the online platform ArtValue.org, where the project's artworks can be purchased in the NFT token form (NFTs, non-fungible tokens).



Stratic project. The author questions the possibilities of immersive experiences and emphasizes the relevance of the synesthetic phenomenon in visual art. By invoking digital and analog technical solutions, the sound and image are dynamically synchronized resulting in the visual narrative. It is an audio-visual project and a performance that conveys the phenomenon of a directly filmed RGB LED light bulb.


Metaphone project. It is an interactive process based on computational models that allow machine to create artworks from participants’ data. The Metaphone consists of an interactive apparatus, painting technique and sound media used in versatile installation. The device acts as an electromechanical drawing and sound machine and creates works of art by interacting with the audience through sensors, engaging exhibition visitors in interactive play. In the context of this project, the artist questions the role of the author and asks fundamental questions of who the creator is: the artist, the generative machine that interactively created the piece, or the visitors who spontaneously feed the machine with their data input.



Digit exhibition
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