Panorama Time, digital photography, dimensions variable, ongoing project started 2012.

By learning new techniques in hacking new technologies, we explore the different ways in which hacking may act and create new aesthetics, even without knowing the structural components of it or how the hardware and software work. Consequently, we learn how the unknown world unfolds in action. Below you find several examples through which the practice-based research into fault- and glitch aesthetics got executed.


"Interpretative Digitality" exhibition at R1-Reactor Hall, Stockholm, Sweden, 2018.

"Panorama Time" exhibited at the Science of the Unseen: Digital Art Perspectives, an exhibition of the Digital Arts Community of ACM SIGGRAPH conference, Anaheim, California, US, 2016.

Artist Talk on Panorama Time and Fault Aesthetics at Cultural R>evolution - ISEA 2016, 22nd International Symposium on Electronic Art, Hong Kong, 2016.

Panorama Time and Fault Aesthetics presented at RIXC conference RENEWABLE FUTURES 2015 in Riga, Latvia.

DIS 2017 conference, presented "Time and Space in Broken Panorama", V. Šimbelis, Edinburgh, UK.


A research peer-reviews journal article about Panorama Time and Fault Aesthetics published in the Acoustic Space journal, Riga, Latvia, 2017.

DIS 2017 conference, research paper "Time and Space in Broken Panorama", V. Šimbelis, Edinburgh, UK.

a shortened boat  

an elongated trailer 

a motorcyclist  

a motorcyclist 

khalifa city 

concept cars 

brothers turned into spaces  

hometown Panevezys 

NYC subway 

Exhibition in subway 

trainspotting / wagon count 

trainspotting / wagon count #2 

digital rain 

liquid car 

liquid cityscape 

fragmented singapore