Graphic design selection of characters and illustrations for clients and brands.

The selected examples show variety of fun graphic images, characters and illustrations designed by Vegas. Some characters and illustrations are part of larger campaigns in corporation with UI and UX design, others are used for printed matter, books and magazines. Other graphic design portfolio could be found with logo design, posters and flyers, some of which were part of digital design productions too. For example, the #putinHead ( is a stand-alone digital project and web3 affiliated. The digital user-experience-design is placed under the portfolio section Web and Mobile.

Vegas is teaching graphic design, logo design, visual identity, branding, and interaction design in universities and art academies. The executed and published research in interaction design and human computer interaction / HCI inclusively cover fields of UX design and graphic design.


putinHead NFT project 

Ukraine support project 

remove putin - #putinHead 



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