Valuation is solo exhibition at Siauliai City Art Gallery, Šiauliai, Lithuania.
11 May - 3 June 2017.


The exhibition “Valuation” is part of “Art Value” project, which examines the notion of political economy and neoliberal values in the art processes, i.e. production, circulation and consumption. Questioning how we evaluate work of art and what criteria we choose for it.

The project takes place through the exposition of numbers. This aesthetic turn is examining the contemporary notion of contemporary human (post-human), who radically and decisively believes in numbers. Questioning the exponentially growing trust in numbers and data, its inclusion in everyday life, abstraction and unification of everything that is around us, also through what is digitalized, coded and quantified: through clock time, media archaeology, algorithmic procedures, computation, quantified-self movement, Big Data, and other.

The exhibition is the first NFT art exhibition in Lithuania and (perhaps one of) the first physical NFT art exhibition in the world. The cold monochrome environment aims to question the digital art ownership elevating the digital artworks and numerical aesthetics from and in relation to the physical and tangible artworks, ephemeral and performative actions. Despite the major focus on numerical abstraction, various forms of art raise research questions for ownership in digital era, speculative futures, tokenization of art (NFTs and crypto art), digital sustainability, relations between art and technology, art and economy.

The exhibition consists of "Art Value: Auction" performance, "Art Value: 14,47" film, Art Value: Auction Receipts, Flowing Data (2 LED displays), series of After On Kawara paintings and Digital On Kawara (NFT art, non-fungible tokens).