Hammock project

Activities, which operate at the intersection of art, science and music, and artists who are interested in rethinking notions and concepts such as ‘nature’, ‘culture’, ‘ecology’ and ‘society’, and exploring new descriptions of the current 'state of affairs' are at the focus of the project. The project is bringing sustainable issues into the focus, the built platform is dealing with sustaining the place with light and other ecological issues bringing to front the sustainable architecture.

The Hammock Project is a project combining art, cultural initiatives and sustainability. It promotes a guerrilla-style approach and groundbreaking ideas for sustainable living in an urban milieu. The main idea is the implementation of an integrated space without constructing a building. Creating a space which otherwise would have never been there. By using urban constructs (such as bridge and river) to support the idea and use unused spaces turning them into public space. It is a social space, bar or hotel, hanging under the bridge (bridge as a roof). Open platform for cultural activities. Eco materials are used for producing hanging space. Possible activities of Hammock Project: bar: eco, art, sound, performance and culture events; hotel: eco accommodation and Artists' In Residence (AIR: studios, exhibition and performance space, lodging) program. The platform could work as an extension to an already established hotel or AIR program with some extraordinary and extreme potential. Underbridges, bridges, river banks and rivers are target points in the project.

Bridges connect two banks and give the opportunity to stay, live and create in-between. Urban site connecting river and its banks with its binary consciousness, dual living of East and West, open position to other cultures, immigration conflicts becomes number 1 for such project. Also characteristic of the city's intimate relation to a river and to countless bridges on it. Interbank of different cultures, outlooks, attitudes, linking the edges, uniting diversities, etc.

It is a collaborative project: artists, designers, architects can take part with their eco ideas, hands-on activities, and hammock designs. We propose to work on several stages with a workshop exploring the design space, architectural investigations and constructing it in DIY style.

Presentations of the project

2010 Call For Future, Uber Lebenskunst, Haus Der Kulturen Der Welt, Berlin, Germany;

2012 Urban Bundle, Mikser Festival, Belgrade, Serbia.

Make a Nest!