The Biosaurus, environmental cross-media / transmedia project is taking advantage of ecological and sustainable issues with mobile interaction to an intimate and actual hands-on level. The Biosaurus is a species or mobile widget and gadget from an obsolete lifestyle and system, come alive by the force of nature; a ghost awakened by pollution haunting the world. Biosaurus family members can appear in various shapes depending on a purpose.

The gadget called Biosaurus is travelling around the world from one person to another collecting eco-environmental data. Small bag shaped gadget is filled with hi-end sensing equipment and innovative technology. The container of data is being downloaded from time to time and uploaded online on the project's website.

The Biosaurus is an object collecting environmental data and given from one person to another. The first Biosaurus is an object made out of recycled garbage and technology. It contains an internal GPS, USB-port for charging batteries and information, battery, camera, sensors to make examinations of water and earth, collect and store data.

Website and mobile app are predominant platforms for the project. Possible add-ons: hacking Google Maps, Google Earth and adding a layer of pollution over the pictures, and photos of eco-problematic places. The documentary film was produced to present the project.

The graphics and interaction design is based on creating valuable user experiences around sustainability issues. Identity with logo, slogan and illustrations, a website with tracking map and pollution measure scale was created. The logo is conceptualised according to the theme and expresses the form of an industrial factory in the sense of an animal. The factory has legs, the neck is a chimney and smoke refers to the horns of e.g. moose. Other types of buildings represent a similar approach and refer to more home building and pets, e.g. summer house and dog. The stencil typeface is a reference to processes of industrial and manufacturing production.

The solution is not pollution. is on a way to disperse the pollution.