The Archimorphosis is a cross-media / transmedia project, open platform and democratic tool based on mobile (and web) interactions in the urban environment.

The Archimorphosis is an urban tool, cross-media project involving IRL and virtual worlds. Firstly the project offers tools to everyone for planting stories and memories on urban issues and on location. Memories are planted on e.g. buildings, etc. Secondly, users of open platforms (mobile app and website) can read other stories and memories. Storytelling on location using a mobile app on camera view and using a map online. Video, audio, text and image (photography) are media solutions to tell memories online and on the app. Augmented reality as technology is applied to reach location and spots, to plant and to find stories.

One idea telling (memory telling, etc.) among others is to propose architectural structures; others: possibility from work online and materialize fantasies to create real architectural solutions, augmented reality in the real world, discussions and projects on the website. An important part of the project is psychogeographic experience among others including game strategies.

The concept, design and presentation film.

Illustrations below:

1. Visual identity and a logo. The design is based on creating valuable user experiences through the topics of architecture, communication, new technologies, and the map. The concept of the logo is referring to the AR tag (augmented reality tag) aesthetics, pixel graphics, architectural plan of a building structure, metaphorical "open wall" as a door scheme in architectural plans, and a talking bubble.
2. Mobile solution. Navigation on the map and on live camera view, social media profile. Planting and finding stories live on location and on the map. Here is presented an early version of the project, middle version of the process. The iterative design process was applied and the interface was developed to the aesthetics of the website.
3. Website architecture and interface. Navigation with colour icons on the map through different media (video, audio, text, and image) and various themes/categories. The intersection of personal social media within the location and storytelling.